30m proposals accepted for w13

PI title
Adam R.
  Comis B.
Thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich mapping of high redshift galaxy clusters
Agudo I. MAPI: Monitoring AGN with Polarimetry at the IRAM-30 m
Agudo I. Monitoring the Encounter of a Gas Cloud with Sgr A*
Albrecht M. Constraining the dust excess emission in Herschel dwarf galaxies with GISMO
André P. Searching for pre-brown dwarfs in the rho Oph protocluster
André P. A turbulent shock origin for the pre-brown dwarf core Oph B-11 ?
André P. Probing the inner structure of the Taurus main filament
Aravena M. Unveiling the most distant star forming galaxies behind clusters with GISMO
Arzoumanian D. Probing the formation of filamentary and clumpy structures in the Polaris flare
Bacmann A. Mapping complex organic molecules in pre-stellar cores
Bian F. Dust Continuum Emission in the Most Luminous Z~3 Lyman Break Galaxy
Biver N. Fire and Ice in comet C/2012 S1 (ISON): phase 3
Bizzocchi L. Unveiling dust evolution and deuteration across pre-stellar cores
Bolatto A. Dense Molecular Gas in the Wind of NGC 253
Bontemps S. Unbiased spectral survey of CygX-N63 a unique pre-hot core source
Béthermin M. Dust content in a merger of two very-high-mass galaxies at z~3.2
Busquet G. Converging flows in the Infrared Dark Cloud G14.225-0.506
Calcutt H. Determing the abundance ratios of acetic acid, glycolaldehyde and methyl formate in hot molecular cores
Castro-Tirado A. Searching for the bright reverse shock emission in GRBs
Cavalié T. Observation of an equatorial jet in the atmosphere of Jupiter
Cernicharo J. A Study of the Deuterated Ammonium ion in Prototypical Cold Cores
Cormier D. The Role of Molecular Gas in Galaxy Disk Growth and Evolution
Coutens A. Measuring the deuterium fractionation of water in a WCCC source
Cuadrado S.
  Goicoechea J.
A high angular resolution view of the Orion Bar PDR at 0.9 mm
Dai Y. CO Study for Dust-Rich Quasars at Intermediate Redshifts
Davis T. Molecular gas in nuclear dust lanes; target selection for black-hole mass measurements
Davis T. Calibrating molecular metallicity diagnostics with CS/HCN in M101
Dole H.
  Macías-Pérez J.
Confirming z >= 2 cluster candidates observed by Planck and Herschel
Dumas G. Search for extra planar cold molecular gas in nearby edge-on galaxies
Dumas G. Molecular abundances in GMCs across the galaxy M 31
Eufrasio R. Determining the Resolved Star Formation Rate in NGC 6946
Eufrasio R. Determining the Resolved Star Formation Rate in Messier 51
Frau P. Using kinematics to disentagle the structure of the "simplest" IRDC
Fuente A. Chemical study of the flat disk around the B0 star R Mon
Fuhrmann L. Coordinated cm to mm monitoring of variability and spectral evolution of a selected it Fermi blazar sample
González-García M. Mapping at 1.2mm the outflow of M 82: evidences for Chemical differentiation
Gralla M. Candidate Lensed Sub-millimeter Galaxies from ACT
Guzmán V. H2CO and CH3OH depletion in prestellar and protostellar cores
Hermelo I. The dust SED of dwarf galaxies: NGC1569 and NGC4449
Hezareh T. Non-Zeeman Circular Polarization of CO Spectral lines in W44
Houde M. Non-Zeeman Circular Polarization of CO lines in rho Ophiuchus A
Husemann B. Probing the conditions for star formation in nearby luminous QSOs
Israel F. The molecular gas mass in the dwarf elliptical NGC 205
Ivison R.
  Pérez-Fournon I.
The space density and environments of z>4 ultra-red Herschel SMGs
Iwasawa K. Molecular Gas Observations of Luminous Infrared Galaxies in the Great Observatories All-sky LIRG Survey (GOALS)
Karim A.
  Staguhn J.
COSMO Part III: The synergetic GISMO survey in the COSMOS field
Kramer C. CO-dark H2 gas in the southern spiral arm of M33
Krichbaum T. Pre-Alma 1.3mm VLBI pilot studies of AGN jet launching
Krips M. Water in nearby active galaxies: thermal or maser emission?
Le Gal R. Measuring the gas-phase C/O abundance ratio in dark clouds
Lefloch B. A Project for the Master2 in Astrophysics in Grenoble : Probing Shocks in L1157
Lehnert M. What causes the sSFR in local galaxies: Is it only gas content?
Lellouch E. Pluto's thermal emission at radio-wavelengths
Leroy A. A Complete and Deep CO Map of the Nearest Dwarf Starburst
Lestrade J. Modelling the azimuthal structures of the debris disk around epsilon Eri
Louvet F. Probing converging flows with SiO emission: the W43-MM1 ridge
Marcelino N. A search of the methoxy radical (CH3O) in low-mass star forming regions
Megeath T. Observing Orion's Ferment: HEFE (Heterodyne Exploration of Filament Evolution)
Moór A. Search for molecular gas in young debris disks
Moór A. An atypical case for planetesimal stirring?
Mroczkowski T. A Rogue's Gallery of Massive Merging High Redshift Clusters
Nesvadba N. An EMIR line survey of Planck/Herschel lenses
Neufeld D. Sulphur-bearing interstellar hydrides: a probe of warm chemistry in diffuse clouds
Omont A. Identifying high-z single-halo proto-clusters of H-ATLAS submm galaxies
Pagani L. CO and N2 depletion and the age of dark cloud cores
Palau A. Characterizing the first O-type `swollen star' candidate
Quintana-Lacaci G. A Line Survey of the Supergiant O-rich star VY CMa. III
Quintana-Lacaci G. Unveiling the rich chemistry of yellow hypergiant stars: IRC +10420
Quintana-Lacaci G. Studying the chemistry of the HVC stars
Sadavoy S. Is the Dust in OMC 2/3 Anomalous?
Salomé Q. Positive feedback II: A pilot search of CO in 3C 285
Scharwächter J. Toward the first sample of overly massive black holes in massive halos
Scharwächter J. Ultra-massive black holes in cluster-embedded small X-ray coronae
Schmiedeke A. Large scale mapping of the ionized gas content of Sagittarius B2
Schruba A. HERA CO Mapping of Virgo Spiral Galaxies
Sicilia-Aguilar A. A new Class 0 object in IC1396A: Multi-episodic star formation?
Sievers A. The (sub)millimeter energy distribution of Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON)
Spezzano S. Deuterium chemistry in dark clouds: detection of l-C3HD in TMC-1C
Tafalla M. Searching for hidden outflow jets with SiO
Tafalla M. Are chains the natural environment of dense cores?
Tercero B. The IRAM 30-m line survey of Orion KL: 2 and 0.9 mm
Ubachs W. SZmu-variation from methanol in PKS1830-211; systematic effects
Vasyunina T. Formation of COMs during the early stages of high-mass star formation
Verdugo C. Star formation traced by CO in ram pressure tails: the Virgo cluster.
Wang Y. Investigating the triggered sequential star formation in S235 complex
Wang R. Star Formation in High Redshift Lensed Quasar Host Galaxies
Weiss V. Mapping protostellar outflows in NGC 1333 - the overlooked ones
Weiss A. Dense Gas in the HerCULES Sample
Wollack E. Resolving the Pressure Structure in Galaxy Clusters: Shock Fronts
Zhang C. Molecular clumps triggered by the infrared dust bubble N131
Zinchenko I. Short spacing CO data for SMA observations of the S255 outflow
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