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Proposals for observation with the IRAM telescopes may be submitted twice per year to the

IRAM Scientific Secretariat
Domaine Universitaire de Grenoble
300, rue de la Piscine
F-38406 St. Martin d'Hères, France.

Submission can be made through letter, fax (+33-476-425469), or electronically through the Electronic proposal submission facility. The facility is opened about three weeks before a deadline. Submission deadlines are currently at the beginning of March and September each year for the summer (01 June - 30 November) and winter (01 December - 31 May) scheduling periods. Exact dates and all other relevant information are given in a separate Call for proposals published on the web and in the IRAM Newsletter usually about a month ahead of the deadline.

Semester:            01 June 2009 - 30 November 2009
Submission deadline
March 12, 2009 17:00 CET (UT + 1hour)
Opening of proposal submission facility
Program committee meeting
20/21 April 2009
Publication of PC grades
12 May 2009


Submission by ordinary mail or by fax is still possible under certain circumstances, but generally non-electronic submission is discouraged. Submission by Email is not possible. Shortly after a submission deadline the scientific secretariat sends acknowledgements of receipt to the principal investigators of all proposals received. These receipts are sent by Email and contain the reference number of the proposal.

Proposals are evaluated at the next meeting of the IRAM program committee and recommendations are made to the IRAM Direction. Proposals are rated A (accepted), B (backup, scheduled under certain favourable conditions), or C (rejected). The program committee has twelve non-IRAM members plus the ex-officio members: IRAM direction, 30m station manager and 30m scheduler and the coordinator of the interferometer.