Users support

Helpdesk: the ALMA Helpdesk must be used for any enquiry. Note that you must be registered as ALMA user to submit a ticket to the helpdesk.

Phase II support: each project is assigned a Contact Scientist in one of the ARC nodes, who interacts with the PI to discuss and validate the Science Goals (SGs) that have been created from the initial proposals. The role of the ALMA Contact Scientist is similar to that of the NOEMA Local Contact.

Face-to-face support: if needed, the PI can request direct assistance from an ARC node of their choice to reduce ALMA data or prepare ALMA proposals. For this, the PI should submit a Helpdesk ticket: once logged in, select "Submit a Ticket", and then the category "Face to Face Support (EU)". It is not necessary to be a partner of IRAM in order choose this ARC node for a face-to-face visit. Access the visitors schedule at IRAM.

IMPORTANT: As of 18 March 2020, face-to-face support at IRAM is suspended due to COVID-19 until further notice. Remote support is possible only on a best effort basis since 25 May 2020. Read the IRAM update here.

Travel funding:
  • IRAM travel funding is available for visiting astronomers following the same rules as for NOEMA data reduction: one trip, one person per project. Only scientists affiliated to the IRAM funding agencies are elligible for this financial support ⇒ financial support rules.
  • Alternatively, MARCUS funding can be requested by visiting astronomers provided they have an EU affiliation and are not funded under any other EU grant. To do so, a MARCUS funding request should be submitted.

Cycle 8

ALMA Cycle 8 Call for Proposals Suspended due to COVID-19 see more information on the science portal.
Deadline was April 15, 2020. Observations to be started in October 2020.
Supplemetary ACA stand-alone call deadline is October 8, 2020.

  • On the ALMA Science Portal:
  • Local copies of Proposers guide | Technical handbook | Users Policies

  • Cycle 7

    Deadline was April 17, 2019. Observations to be started in October 2019.
    Supplemetary ACA stand-alone call deadline is 1 October 2019.

  • Local copies of Proposers guide | Technical handbook | Users Policies

  • List of the high-priority projects.
  • ALMA status
  • List of IRAM Cycle 7 contact scientists | Visitors schedule at IRAM

  • Cycle 6

    Deadline was April 19, 2018. Observations to be started in October 2018.

    Cycle 5

    Deadline was April 20, 2017. Observations to be started in October 2017.

    Cycle 4

    Deadline was April 21, 2016. Observations have started in October 2016.

    Cycle 3

    Deadline was April 23, 2015. Observations started on October 2015.

    Cycle 2

    Deadline was December 5th 2013. Observations started on June 3rd 2014 and extend up to September 2015.

    Cycle 1

    Deadline was July 12th 2012. Observations started in January 2013 and extend up to the end of May 2014.

    Cycle 0

    Deadline was June 30th 2011. Observations started on Sept. 30th 2011 and extended up to the end of December 2012.