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        [GREG1\]COLUMN [X Nx] [Y Ny] [Z Nz]  [/FILE  File_Name]  [/LINES  L1
    [L2]] [/TABLE Table_Name] [/COMMENT "Separator"] [/CLOSE]

    This command will read X data from column Nx of the current file, Y data
    from column Ny and Z data from column Nz of the current  (or  specified)
    input  file or binary table. Any combination of any of three X,Y,Z items
    is valid in any order, provided the column  number  immediately  follows
    the column descriptor. The X and Y arrays contain respectively the X and
    Y coordinates of points to be plotted. The Z array is an additional buf-
    fer which is used for ERRORBARS, for RANDOM maps and so on.


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