Documentation (30-oct-2019)


Program Documentation

A general description of GILDAS can be found in the quick INTRODUCTION to GILDAS (pdf). GILDAS is composed of:

The programming manual gives all information required to develop new applications in GILDAS. It describes i) how to use the SIC command line monitor and the GREG graphical library, and ii) how to implement new GILDAS tasks.

Related Documentation

ALMA simulator

The ALMA simulator has been created to evaluate the importance of the ALMA Compact Array (ACA) on the wide field imaging performances of ALMA. All information about the simulator may be found in the following ALMA memos:

# 488: Wide use of the simulator by our japonese colleagues to help designing ACA;
# 398: The most up-to-date description of the simulator and final results;
# 387: Preliminary results;
# 386: First state of the simulator.

NOEMA additional information

Proposal preparation
Array operation
Data calibration
(Calibration CookBook), a supplement to the CLIC manual, contains simple recipes to calibrate interferometer data.

NIC memos (for reference, even though NIC is now obsolete)

Description of the raw data format
Calibration issues