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Fourth IRAM Millimeter Interferometry School 2004


Aperture Synthesis at mm Wavelengths

Interferometry - a pedagogical / historical introduction (D. Downes)

mm antennas and their calibration (P. Hily-Blant)

Interferometry and aperture synthesis (J. Pety)

The mm-wave interferometer (R. Lucas)

The atmosphere at mm wavelengths (J.-M. Winters)

Data Calibration

The Plateau de Bure interferometer (R. Neri)

Atmospheric phase correction (J.-M. Winters)

Data calibration principles (R. Lucas)

PdBI data calibration in practice (F. Gueth)

Imaging & Data Analysis

Data analysis in the UV plane (F. Gueth)

Standard imaging & deconvolution (J. Pety)

Large-scale mapping (F. Gueth)

Sensitivity & noise (S. Guilloteau)

Science with the Plateau de Bure Interferometer

Presentation of selected recent PdBI projects

R. Moreno : Mapping bright continuum sources - application to planets
V. Pietu :    Protoplanetary disks as seen by the IRAM array
C. Comito : A massive protostellar disk in Cepheus-A... really ?
M. Krips :    Q0957+561: CO emission from a lensed disk at z = 1.41

Using the Plateau de Bure interferometer (R. Neri)

Future Developments

Future developments at Plateau de Bure (M. Guelin)

The ALMA project (T.L. Wilson)

Imaging with ALMA (F. Gueth) to appear soon



A list of posters presented by the participants is also available.