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Header Variables

The most important header parameters are defined by default as SIC variables in a protected mode. The others, of less frequent use, can be accessed if required by the user (see ``Advanced Processing''). The default variables are (RW means Read-Write variable, RO, Read-Only).

      TELESCOPE       Character*12, RW, Telescope name
      NUMBER          Integer,      RW, Observation number
      VERSION         Integer,      RO, Version number
      DATATYPE        Integer,      RO, Type of observation 
                                        0 Line, 1 Continuum, 2 Skydip
      QUALITY         Integer,      RO, Quality of data
      SCAN            Integer,      RO, Original scan number
      UTOBS           Double,       RO, UT of observation (Radians)
      LSTOBS          Double,       RO, LST of observation (Radians)
      AZIMUTH         Real,         RW, Azimuth of observation (Radians)
      ELEVATION       Real,         RW, Elevation of observation (Radians)
      TSYS            Real,         RW, System temperature
      TIME            Real,         RW, Integration time (Seconds)

      SOURCE          Character*12, RW, Source name
      LAMBDA          Double,       RW, Longitude of source (Radians)
      BETA            Double,       RW, Latitude of source (Radians)
      OFF_LAMBDA      Double,       RW, Offset in longitude (Radians)
      OFF_BETA        Double,       RW, Offset in latitude (Radians)
      EQUINOX         Real,         RW, Equinox of coordinates (Years)

      LINE            Character*12  RW, Line name
      CHANNELS        Integer,      RO, Number of channels
      REFERENCE       Real,         RW, Reference channel
      FREQ_STEP       Real,         RW, Frequency step by channel (MHz)
      VELO_STEP       Real,         RW, Velocity step by channel (km/s)
      VELOCITY        Real,         RW, Velocity of reference channel
      FREQUENCY       Double,       RW, Rest frequency at reference channel
      IMAGE           Double,       RW, Image frequency "   "   "   "

      BEAM_EFF        Real,         RW, Telescope beam efficiency
      FORWARD_EFF     Real,         RW, Telescope forward efficiency
      GAIN_IMAGE      Real,         RW, Image to signal band ratio
      WATER           Real,         RO, Water vapor content (mm)
      PRESSURE        Real,         RO, External pressure (hPa)
      AMBIENT_T       Real,         RO, External temperature (K)
      CHOPPER_T       Real,         RO, Chopper temperature (K)
      COLD_T          Real,         RO, Cold load temperature (K)
      TAU_SIGNAL      Real,         RO, Opacity in signal band
      TAU_IMAGE       Real,         RO, Opacity in image band
      ATM_SIGNAL      Real,         RO, Atmospheric temperature 
                                        in signal band
      ATM_IMAGE       Real,         RO, Atmospheric temperature 
                                        in image band

      RX              Real[8192]    RO, X values of data points
      RY              Real[8192]    RW, Y values of data points
8192 is currently the maximum size of the spectra, but the variables RX and RY are redimensioned to the effective number of channels for each spectrum.

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