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        CLIC\FLAG f1 f2 ... [/ANTENNA a1 [...]] [/BASELINE b1 [...]]

    Flag the current record (obtained by GET /RECORD) with flags f1 f2 ...

    Flags  may be relative to antennas or baselines. One of the options /AN-
    TENNA or /BASELINE, with lists of antenna numbers or baseline  names  as
    arguments, must therefore be given. /ANTENNA ALL will flag all antennas,
    /BASELINE ALL will flag all baselines.  These are the default.

    Supported flag names are:

    - C01 to C08 for bad individual continuum correlator subbands
    - L01 to L08 for bad individual spectral correlator subbands
    - DATA for bad data
    - TSYS for too high system temperature (antenna based only)
    - LOCK for out of lock local oscillator (antenna based only)
    - POINTING for poor pointing (antenna based only)
    - SHADOW for antenna being shadowed by another antenna (ant. based only)
    - SATURATION for too high total power on a particular antenna
    - TIME for time discontinuity
    - DOPPLER for doppler discontinuity
    - REDU for data reduction

    Use option /RESET to suppress flags that were accidentally set.

    FLAG with no argument lists the flags of the current record.

    This command may be used in a MODIFY DATA or MODIFY RECORD loop, to flag
    data.  If  more  than one record is to be flagged, command STORE FLAG is

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