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    Selects  time  averaging  of data plotted (the data in the file is unaf-
    fected). 'mode' may be :

      - NONE :  all data points are plotted.

      - SCAN :  the scan-averaged data is used and only one  point  is  thus
        plotted per scan.

      -  TIME  dt  :   data  is averaged in  time  intervals  of  length  dt
        (seconds).  Data of consecutive scans is NOT averaged together.

      - METHOD VECTOR : complex visibilities are averaged  as  complex  num-

      -  METHOD  SCALAR  : amplitude and phases of visibilities are averaged

      - CONT : sideband averages are computed on continuum subbands.

      - LINE : sideband averages are computed on line subbands. Baseband av-
        erages are derived from the IF averages.

    This  command  obviously does not affect the spectral data. See also SET
    BINNING for another way of averaging data.

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