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        CLIC\SET BASELINES [b1 b2 ...]

    Selects  the baselines for which data will be displayed by command PLOT.
    Valid codes are pairs  of  antennas,  e.g.  "01-02",  "01-03",  "09-10",
    etc...   This  command  is  exclusive with commands SET ANTENNAS and SET

    SET BASELINE with no argument selects all baselines connecting  the  an-
    tennas previously in use. SET BASELINE ALL will select all the baselines
    available in the first scan of the current index, for each  command  ac-
    cessing the data (e.g. PLOT).  This is the default.

    SET  BASELINE  PHYSICAL|LOGICAL allows to select if the baseline numbers
    are to be interpreted as physical (i.e. antenna ID) or logical (rank  of
    the  antenna in the ordered list of antenna physical number available in
    the observation). The baseline numbering in the header of boxes  in  the
    PLOT will change according to this switch.

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