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        CLIC\SET GIBBS number

    Give  the  number  of  channels to be masked on each side of the central
    frequency, for the correlator subbands which are obtained by  juxtaposi-
    tion  of  both sidebands of a common local oscillator.  Due to the Gibbs
    effect, a few channels are corrupted by  a  contribution  of  the  image
    sideband  of the first local oscillator, which may contain signal if the
    source has continuum emission.  This is the case for the 320  MHz  bands
    at  the  Plateau de Bure correlator, as well as the 160 and 80 MHz bands
    in some modes.

    The GIBBS number is used by further PLOT and TABLE commands. The default
    is 0, which is relevant for line sources with no continuum emission.

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