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    Store the RF passband calibration curves. Channel dependent and frequen-
    cy dependent curves will be simultaneously stored  if  available.   Cau-
    tion:  RF passbands should be stored only for consistent spectral corre-
    lator configurations.

    Option /SCAN allows to store directly the computed passband as an  extra
    observation  in  the  hpb  file (a file out must be opened). By default,
    CLIC will complain if the file already contains a BANDPASS scan,  unless
    the  /MULTIPLE  option  is  invoked. Up to 10 solutions can be stored in
    this case. Note that any type of bandpass (frequency or spectrum) can be
    saved  in  such a way. Option /OVER allows to overwrite the latest band-
    pass solution instead of writing a new scan.

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