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    This  command  is  used to create/delete CLIC variables corresponding to
    header information. Several groups of variables  are  available,  corre-
    sponding to sections in the scan headers.

      READ_WRITE     Input/Output file information (Global)
      GENERAL        General information (Scan based)
      POSITION       Source related information (Scan based)
      CONFIG         Array configuration related information (Scan based)
      RF_SETUP       Receiver related information (Scan based)
      CONTINUUM      Continuum correlator related information (Scan based)
      LINE           Spectral correlator related information (Scan based)
      SCANNING       Special scanning information (Record based)
      ATMOSPHERE     Atm. calibration parameters and results (Scan based)
      MONITOR        Total power monitor information (Scan based)
      WVR            Water Vapor Radiometer information (Scan based)
      DESCRIPTOR     Data descriptor information (Scan based)
      DATA_HEADER    Data header information (Record based)
      DATA_RECORD    Data values (Record based)
      INDEX          Current index variables
      ALMA           ALMA specific information
      AIC            Antenna Instrumental Calibration (Scan based)
      SIZE           Dimensioning parameters
      INSTRUMENT     Instrumental parameters
      SPW            Spectral windows parameters

    Scan-  or  record-based  variables refer to the last scan or record that
    has been read (explicitely by GET/RECORD, or implicitely by PLOT or oth-
    er commands).


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