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IPB file

At NOEMA, RDI produces IPB (which stands for Interféromètre du Plateau de Bure) files, one for each track. A track consists of observations of one scientific subproject and last a few hours (typically two to ten hours). The IPB file produced at NOEMA contain sections (-2,-3,-21,-22,-23,-24,-25,-26,-30,-32,-35,-37) and of course the raw data themselves. Following the online atmospheric calibration, data are on a temperature scale in $ T_a^*$ (i.e. the coupling factor considered in the atmospheric calibration is the forward efficiency). Contrary to single dish, one does not need to worry about the temperature scale as after amplitude calibration, the visibilities are in Jy. These files are stored in the NOEMA archive and can be accessed from IRAM computers using the getproj command.

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