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Calibration may be applied on the fly before plotting. This is controlled by the following commands (see respective help for more information): The control parameters for calibration are displayed in the left header of the plot (red rectangle number 4 in Fig. 4). Each calibration solution can be antenna or baseline based (provided a solution was computed and stored beforehand, see section 4.5 and 4.6).

Table 3: Scaling of amplitude depending on unit/mode. $ J_i$ is the antenna efficiency in (Jy/K), $ A_{ij}$ is the amplitude calibration factor (in K/Jy) and $ S$ the source flux (in Jy)
Unit $ \backslash$ Mode ABSOLUTE RELATIVE SCALED
KELVIN 1 $ A_{ij}(t)$ $ 1/S$
JANSKY $ \sqrt{J_i*J_j}$ $ A_{ij}(t)/ \sqrt{J_i*J_j}$ $ 1/S$

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