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        CLIC\COMPRESS timemax uvmax [/TRIANGLE]

    Compress  data  in  the current index by averaging successive records in
    individual  scans.  'timemax'  is  the  maximum  averaging  time in sec-
    onds.  Data with baseline orientation differing by  more 'uvmax'  in me-
    ters  in  the  UV  plane  are  not  averaged,  as well as  data  flagged

    Defaults  for timemax and  uvmax  are  60  seconds  and  7.5  meters re-
    spectively.   An  output  file  must  have  been opened to  receive  the
    compressed data.

    Use command COPY rather than COMPRESS to copy the whole current index to
    a new file.

    For data taken after September 1992 (new correlator), the  command  will
    only   compress   the   temporal  data (data header  and  continuum sub-
    bands), since the spectral data is already compressed to  1  record  per

    [/TRIANGLE] add triangles to data. Not tested.

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