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        [GREG1\]LIMITS [Args . . .] /MARGIN [% ...]

    Add  or  modify  the default margins applied to the limits. Without this
    option, LIMITS adds margins or not depending on the context:
          with no argument (i.e. guess limits from X and  Y  buffers)  a  5%
          margin is implicitly added on all sides
      LIMITS /VARIABLE Array_X Array_Y
          adds an implicit 5% margin on all sides
          adds no margin
      LIMITS X1 X2 Y1 Y2
          with explicit values, no margins are added

    If  the  option  /MARGIN is present, margins are added in all cases. The
    margin sizes can be customized as follows:
          with no values, add a 5% margin on all limits
      /MARGIN Val
          with a single value, add a "Val" (%) margin on all limits
      /MARGIN ValX ValY
          with 2 value, add a ValX (%) margin on the X limits,  and  a  ValY
          (%) margin on the Y limits
      /MARGIN ValXL ValXR ValYL ValYU
          with  4  values,  add a ValXL (%) margin on the left X limit. Same
          for right X limit, lower Y limit, and upper Y limit
    The margin values are percent of the axis range. They can  be  negative,
    which means the axis range will be truncated.

    Note  that  the * = < > arguments to the command apply AFTER margins are

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