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        PENCIL [N] /WEIGHT Arg

    Modify the current pen weight, or the weight of the N-th pen.

    The argument can be the pen weight (controling the line width)  in  mil-
    limiter using the following syntax:
      PEN /WEIGHT 1.23mm
    For  reference, the weight has to be compared with the current PLOT_PAGE
    (default 30cm x 21cm).

    The argument can also be an integer index from 1 to 5. They translate as
      PEN /WEIGHT 1 => 0.15mm
      PEN /WEIGHT 2 => 0.30mm
      PEN /WEIGHT 3 => 0.45mm
      PEN /WEIGHT 4 => 0.75mm
      PEN /WEIGHT 5 => 1.20mm

    For bitmaps devices (X, PNG), weights lower or equal than 0.15 mm always
    translate as 1 pixel width lines. On the other hand, for  vectorial  de-
    vices (PS, EPS, SVG), all widths are preserved and those lower than 0.15
    mm give different rendering depending on the  viewing/printing  applica-

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