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        [GREG1\]SET BOX_LOCATION Argument_List

    Define the position of the box. The argument list specifies various  op-
    tions for the box position :
      - PORTRAIT    Define a default Portrait oriented box
      - LANDSCAPE   Define a default Landscape oriented box
      - SQUARE      Define a square box
      - MATCH [Gx1 Gy1 [Ratio]]  Define a box which matches the ratio of the
        physical units. By default, the bottom left corner is placed at  the
        default  position  for  the  current  plot page, but can be moved by
        specifying arguments Gx1 and Gy1. The box size is adjusted such that
        the  box  occupies  as much space as possible within the default box
        position for the current plot page type. Ratio is an additional  ar-
        guments which indicates a scaling factor for the Y axis.
    WARNING :  The  box  is  computed  from the current limits, and will not
        change if you compute new limits.
      - Gx1 Gx2 Gy1 Gy2  Defines the positions of all box corners in  physi-
        cal units.
    The  default is LANDSCAPE, PORTRAIT or the default VIEWPORT according to
    the current PLOT_PAGE type.

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