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        [GREG1\]SET SEXAGESIMAL [X [Nx]] [Y [[Ny]]

    Set X axis labelling in sexagesimal notation with Nx decimals (resp. Y).
    The default (Nx=1, Ny=0 and no sexagesimal notation)  is  nearly  always
    perfect for everybody.

    So, this command is used for two restricted purposes:
       - to enable sexagesimal notation of axis when a projection is in use,
        the system is GALACTIC and the /ABSOLUTE  option  is  required  (for
        EQUATORIAL  systems, the sexagesimal notation is always used in this
        case, but the default for GALACTIC system is a  decimal  representa-
        tion of degrees).
       -  to  specify  the  number of decimals when using ABSOLUTE labelling
        (see BOX /ABSOLUTE or AXIS /ABSOLUTE).
    Note that, when a realistic tick spacing is required by the user or (the
    default)  GreG  computes  this spacing automatically, labelled tickmarks
    will fall on rounded values, so no  decimals  will  appear  (unless  the
    field of view is smaller than a few arc seconds).

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