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                            GREG2\ Language Summary

    ARROW       : Draw a list of arrows in User coordinates.
    CONVERT     : Converts data in the X,Y buffer in the current projection.
    ELLIPSE     : Draws an ellipse in User coordinate.
    EXTREMA     : Shows minimum and maximum of the Regular Grid array.
    GRID        : Plots a Grid in (A,D) with steps As and Ds (in degrees).
    LEVELS      : Sets the contour levels.
    MASK        : Masks part of a regular grid map.
    MEAN        : Computes statistics on map values.
    PERSPECTIVE : Makes a 3-D perspective of the Regular Grid array.
    PLOT        : Plots a SIC image variable to the window.
    POLYGON     : Defines a polygon for use by MASK and MEAN.
    PROJECTION  : Defines a spherical projection.
    RANDOM_MAP  : Creates a Regular Grid array from randomly sampled data.
    RESAMPLE    : Resamples the Regular Grid array on a different Grid.
    RGDATA      : Reads/creates a 2-D map and put it in the Regular Grid array.
    RGMAP       : Draws contour lines for the Regular Grid array.
    STRIP       : Extracts a strip from the Regular Grid array.
    WEDGE       : Draws wedges.
    WRITE       : Saves an internal buffer on a file.


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