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        [GREG2\]LEVELS [Args ...]

    LEVELS without arguments will display the contour levels used by command
    RGMAP.   The  level  values  can  also  be  found in the array GREG%LEV-
    ELS[GREG%NLEVEL] (not defined if no levels), where  GREG%NLEVEL  is  the
    number of levels (0 if no levels).


    reset the level list (and thus GREG%NLEVEL becomes 0).

        [GREG2\]LEVELS C1 C2 TO C3 BY C4 ...

    Sets  the  contour levels to be C1, C2, C2+C4, C2+2*C4, ..C3, and so on,
    using the same list format as SIC\ command FOR. The contour  levels  are
    used  to  make  contour  plots  of  the Regular Grid array using command
    RGMAP. Up to 40 contours can be given at a time. Note that  it  is  more
    efficient to use a single RGMAP command with many levels than many RGMAP
    commands with a single level each.

        [GREG2\]LEVELS EXPO Step [Linear Scale]

    Sets the contour levels in a semi-exponential scale. Linear is the  num-
    ber of linear levels: levels from -Linear*Step to -Step by Step and Step
    to Linear*Step by Step are regularly spaced. Above Linear*Step, the next
    contour level is Scale times larger than the previous one.  The defaults
    are Step=1, Linear=3 and Scale=sqrt(2).

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