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        [GREG2\]RESAMPLE Nx Ny [/X Xref  Xval  Xinc]  [/Y  Yref  Yval  Yinc]
    [/BLANKING Bval]

    This  command  resamples (by bilinear interpolation) the current regular
    grid array on a different grid. The number of pixels  of  the  new  grid
    must be specified. Unless the user specifies an explicit conversion for-
    mula in the /X and /Y options, the program adjusts it to match the  cur-
    rent  Regular  Grid array. A blanking value MUST BE specified (either by
    default in SET BLANKING or using the option /BLANKING)  because  no  ex-
    trapolation  is performed. For the same reason, any output pixel's value
    that would be interpolated from at least one input blanked pixel, is it-
    self blanked.

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