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        [GREG3\]IMAGE  [Filename]  [/PLANE  I1  I2]  [/SUBSET Imin Imax Jmin
    Jmax] [/WRITE] [/CLOSE]

    Associated "G_*" variables are defined after the first call to  the  IM-
    AGE, SPECTRUM or KILL commands of GREG3\ language.

    Read  the  GDF  map  Filename. The default image extension is .gdf. This
    command defines the image found in given file as the new current  image.
    Projection,  system  and extremas are also defined if needed. Unless op-
    tions are present, the first plane of the image becomes the new  Regular
    Grid array in GreG.

    The  /PLANE  I1  I2 option allows to define part of a more than 2-Dimen-
    sional image as the regular grid array. A file name should not be speci-
    fied if you want to select a new plane in the current image.

    The  /SUBSET  Imin Imax Jmin Jmax option allows to load only a subset of
    the input image or image plane. Again, a file name should  be  specified
    only  to  change the input image. You can combine /PLANE and /SUBSET op-

    At open time, the /WRITE option allows you to map  the  image  writeable
    (instead  of  Readonly by default), a prerequisite to use some functions
    (e.g. KILL which kills pixels).

    The /CLOSE option allows you to close the currently opened file, and  to
    free associated memory, if any.

    Without option nor argument, the header of the image currently in memory
    is listed, if any.

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