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                             GTVL\ Language Summary

    CHANGE      : Change some attributes of the plot.
    CLEAR Arg   : Clear (some parts of) the plot or windows.
    COMPRESS    : Remove invisible parts of the plot.
    CREATE Arg  : Create directory, windows or LUTs.
    DESTROY Arg : Destroys (some parts of) the plot or windows.
    DEVICE      : Open the graphic device.
    DISPLAY     : List some parameters of the plot.
    GTV SEARCH  : Search for a GTV directory.
    HARDCOPY    : Get a printed copy of the plot.
    LENS        : Call the lens on the active window.
    LUT [arg]   : Change the color Look-Up-Table.
    METACODE    : Save or load part of the plot to/from metacode file.
    REFRESH     : redraw all or some windows
    REPLICATE   : Copy a directory to another place.
    ZOOM        : Zoom on the plot (possibly in another window).

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