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        Specifies  whether  the  color Look-Up-Tables (LUT and LUT /PEN) are
    static, i.e. associated with each  graphic  segment,  or  Dynamic,  i.e.
    controlled by the terminal colors. This changes the behaviour of the LUT
    and LUT /PEN commands.

    In STATIC mode, each graphic segment has its own LUT, so that  this  al-
    lows  to  display  complex  plots with many colors. The LUT and LUT /PEN
    which are stored with each segment must be set before the  segment  cre-
    ation.  It cannot be changed after. In this mode, the display may differ
    from the hardcopy output, because not all interactive  displays  support
    many colors.

    In  DYNAMIC  mode,  one single LUT its associated to the plot. It can be
    changed dynamically afterwards using the LUT (and LUT /PEN) commands. It
    is  appropriate  for interactive visualisation. The hardcopy output will
    be identical to the display.

    The default is DYNAMIC.

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