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        CREATE  DIRECTORY PathName [/PLOT_PAGE SizeX SizeY] [/GEOMETRY Args]
    [/POSITION Args]

    Create a new directory. PathName syntax follows  "Unix-like"  pathnames,
    with  the  use  of  token '<' instead of '/'. Constructs like ..<Dir are

    To create a new directory tree (called e.g. NewTop), use  the  following

    The  plot  space size of a new directory tree can be customized with the
    option /PLOT_PAGE. This option can not be used to create subdirectories,
    since they inherit the plot space size of their parent directory.

    Under X, a new window is implicitely attached to a new top directory be-
    ing created. Its geometry and position can be customized through the op-
    tions  /GEOMETRY  and /POSITION respectively. See HELP CREATE WINDOW for
    syntax and creation rules. These options are  illegal  when  creating  a
    subdirectory (for which no window is attached at creation time).

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