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        [GTVL\]DEVICE [Dev_Type [Mode]] [/OUTPUT Dev_Name]

    Without argument, DEVICE displays the current working graphic device.

    With a graphic device type as argument, directs the graphic output to it
    and sets default values for the plot region location and device physical
    limits.  The basic unit is 1 cm for hardcopies. All plots to interactive
    devices are made with some pre-computed factor to match the screen  size
    to  the Plot Page size, defined by command SETPLOT_PAGE (default size is
    an A4 format page, 30 by 21).

    Use DEVICE ? to get the list of recognized graphics  devices  or  DEVICE
    type ? to get the list of modes on a given device.

    /OUTPUT Dev_Name option allows you to direct the graphic output to some-
    thing else than your own terminal (TT:). Note that some specific devices
    will  not  support  this option: this is currently the case for X-Window

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