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        The command LUT can read the colormaps from a formatted file. A var-
    ious number of these files is already  available  in  the  distribution.
    Type "LUT ?" to see these files.

    The  files  are  searched  in  the  path(s) contained in the SIC logical
    LUT#DIR:. It can be a collection of paths customized by the user. By de-
    fault  LUTs are searched in the current directory and in GAG_LUT: (where
    the standard GTV LUTs are stored). The default extension is ".lut".

    User can define and save its own LUT in such a file. The formatted  file
    must  be  an  ASCII  file  providing the three R, G and B intensities in
    three columns, and there must be as many lines as color  levels  needed.
    The intensities are three real numbers between 0.0 and 1.0.

    The LUT loaded from such a file will then be resampled (using interpola-
    tion) to match the effective number of colors the device  supports.  For
    example, the file example.lut:
    shell> cat example.lut
         .00000    .00000    .00000
         1.0000    .00000    .00000
    will  produce a black to red color map, with continuous color levels be-

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