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        [GTVL\]REFRESH [DirName [WinNum|ZOOM]]

    By  default,  redraw all windows in all directories. If a directory name
    is provided, redraw the windows seeing this directory and its  subdirec-
    tories.  If  a window number is also specified, redraw only this window.
    The keyword "ZOOM" can be used as an alias for the zoom window  in  this
    directory, if any.

    The  windows are drawn and redrawn as soon as new segments are added, or
    if the window manager requires it (e.g. window is resized). However, for
    efficiency purpose, segments are first drawn one onto the previous ones,
    in the chronological order. Depending on their depth (e.g. images  which
    are  by  default at depth 2), this is not what happens in the subsequent
    redraws and in hardcopies. In this case, it makes sense to force the re-
    fresh of a window.

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