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BLANKING         Change the blanking value of a GDF file
EXTRACT          Extract a subset (or surset) of a GDF file
FILL_CUBE        Resample a cube by random or regular interpolation
GAUSS_COMPRESS   Gaussian smoothing and then compression of a GDF file
HEADER           List and modify the header (*not* the data) of a GDF file
INTERPOLATE      Resample and smooth an input cube along its first axis
MAKE_CUBE        Output a filled cube from an uncomplete sampled cube
MAP_AVER         Average plans of a 3D data cube
MAP_COMPRESS     Compress an image or a cube (by Fourier truncation)
MAP_EXPAND       Expand an image or a cube (By Fourier expansion)
MAP_INTER        Resample an input data cube along its 3rd axis
MAP_SUM          Sum plans of a 3D data cube
MASK             Mask all planes of an input cube inside or outside a given poly
SHIFT            Shift an image by Fourier transform
SUM              Sum many weighted images
SWAP             Mirror a 2D image
TRANSPOSE        Transpose input images or cubes
CIMAGE           Create a simple geometrical source model

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