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        This  task  create an image which can be read from a file or created
    from a function.  The ouput filename is FILEO$.

    A- From a FILE:  if the logical variable IFILE$ is set to YES  an  image
    is  read from the input formatted file FILEI$ the column must ordered as
    :  x y z and expect to have standard gdf image  structure.   For  conve-
    nience, z should be in Brightness temperature, as for B case.

    B-  From a FUNCTION: If one of the function is activated a corresponding
    image using the parameters PARAMETERS$ will be created.   Intensity  are
    in Brightness temperature.

    E_DISK  : Elliptical Disk
    E_RING  : Elliptical Ring
    E_GAUS  : Elliptical Gaussian
    E_EXPO  : Elliptical Exponential
    RECT    : Rectangle
    POWER   : Power law
    PLAN    : Plan

    Convertion to Jansky is possible if variable JANSKY$ is set to YES.  The
    image can be mutiplied by a gaussian beam if BEAM$ is set to YES parame-
    ters are similar as for function GAUSS.

    ONLY  ONE  function  can be computed at the same time, Nevertheless more
    complex images can be produced using both CIMAGE and COMBINE tasks.

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