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BACKGROUND       Compute background intensity of an image
CIRCLE           Compute the radial profile of each planes of an input cube
COMBINE          Add, multiply, divide, etc...  two input images
EXTREMA          Compute and store the extrema of a GDF-like file
FIELD_FIND       Simple segmentation of an image based on intensity
FIELD_LIST       Compute statistics on fields of an image
FIELD_STAT       Compute the integrated spectra of a fielded cube
FOURIER          Compute the complex Fourier transform of a real spectra cube
MAKE_BACK        Compute the  background intensity of an input image
MOMENTS          Compute the first 3 moments of an input lmv cube
PLANE            Subtract a plane from an input image
SLICE            Extract a 2D Position-Velocity slice from a 3D LMV cube
SPECTRUM         Extract a spectrum from a 3D LMV cube
SPECTRUM_SUM     Compute an integrated spectrum from a 3D LMV cube

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