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Data Reduction CookBook
September 2010
Version 5.0

This document describes how to reduce NOEMA observations and gives some ideas to perform first analysis and imaging. Sect. [*] explains how to get started, from planning your trip to Grenoble to having a project account. The standard procedure to calibrate NOEMA data with the CLIC software package is described in Sect. [*]. A few instructions to start the data analysis with the MAPPING software package are given in Sect. [*]. A theoretical description of the calibration as well as a description of the extended pipeline (or AoD) First Look report are annexed in Apps. [*] and [*] respectively.


A. Castro-Carrizo$^1$, R. Neri$^1$In charge: A. Castro-Carrizo$^1$, R. Neri$^1$.
Active developers: .
S. Guilloteau, R. Lucas, A. Dutrey, and S. RadfordMain past contributors: S. Guilloteau, R. Lucas, A. Dutrey, and S. Radford.

Note: this is the on-line version of the IRAM NOEMA Data reduction CookBook. A PDF version is also available.

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