Project Status

The status of on-going projects allows you to verify in which configuration your project has already been observed and what remains to be done. This information is updated daily. You may also consult the list of projects belonging to the last observing periods.

A time ordered list of observations carried out with the interferometer, with observing dates, project names, source names, start and ending hour angle of the observations can be accessed by clicking on the specified year. CAUTION: although the list is broken into pieces on a monthly basis, this is a BIG database: the total amounts to a few thousand pages.
Previous Days
 21-NOV-2021  10C-W20          10C-W23W20                 S21AN001  S21AA003  S21AA004  L19MA029  W20+  TI  NTTEST    S21AN002   
 22-NOV-2021  10C-W20          10C-W20+W47                S21AN002  S21AA003  M19AA001  S21CF018  S21CF012  L19MA029  TINTTEST  BASE      L19ME002   
 23-NOV-2021  10C-W20          10C-W20+W47                L19ME002  S21DM001  TSOFTEST  W21ED002  BASE       
 24-NOV-2021  10C-W20+W47                                 BASE      S21DM001  W21ED002  W21DG003   
 25-NOV-2021  10C-W20+W47                                 W21ED002   
 26-NOV-2021  10C-W20+W47      9ant-Special               W21ED002  BASE      TINTTEST  W21AC001   
 27-NOV-2021  10C-W20+W47      10C-W20                    TINTTEST  W21AC002  S21AN004   
 28-NOV-2021  10C-W20          10C-W20+W47                S21AN004  TINTTEST   
 29-NOV-2021  10C-W20+W47      9ant-Special               TINTTEST  TSOFTEST   
 30-NOV-2021  10C-W20+W47      9ant-Special               TSOFTEST  TINTTEST  W21AC002  S21AA004  M21AA001   
 01-DEC-2021  10C-W20+W47      10C-W23W20                 M21AA001  S21AA004  TINTTEST  W21AC001   
 02-DEC-2021  10C-W20+W47                                 W21AC001  M21AA002   
 03-DEC-2021  10C-W20+W47      9ant-Special               TINTTEST  M21AA002  W20+       
 04-DEC-2021  10C-W20+W27                                 TINTTEST   

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