molecular gas at the

peak epoch of

galaxy formation


PHIBSS2 is an international and IRAM-wide effort, involves collaborators from a broad variety of backgrounds, and builds upon and enhances previous IRAM PdBI studies of molecular gas in high-redshift galaxies.

Co-PI: Francoise Combes (Obs. Paris -- France)

Co-PI: Santiago Garcia-Burillo (OAN -- Spain)

Co-PI: Roberto Neri (IRAM -- France)

Co-PI: Linda Tacconi (MPE -- Germany) 

R. Genzel (MPE – Germany)

T. Contini (IRAP – France)

A. Bolatto (UMd – USA)

  1. S.Lilly (ETH – Switzerland)

F. Boone (IRAP – France)

N. Bouche (IRAP – France)

F. Bournaud (CEA – France)

A. Burkert (USM – Germany)

M. Carollo (ETH – Switzerland)

  1. L.Colina (CSIC – Spain)

M. Cooper (UCI – US)

P. Cox (IRAM – France)

  1. C.Feruglio (IRAM – France)

  2. J.Freundlich (Obs.Paris – France)

  3. N.Förster Schreiber (MPE – Germany)

S. Juneau (CEA – France)

K. Kovac (ETH – Switzerland)

M. Lippa (MPE – Germany)

  1. D.Lutz (MPE – Germany)

T. Naab (MPA – Germany)

A. Omont (IAP – France)

  1. A.Renzini (Univ.Padova – Italy)

A. Saintonge (MPE – Germany)

  1. P.Salomé (Obs.Paris – France)

A. Sternberg (Univ.Tel Aviv – Israel)

F. Walter (MPIA – Germany)

B. Weiner (Steward Obs.Arizona – US)

A. Weiß (MPIfR – Germany)

S. Wuyts (MPE – Germany)