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        CLIC\MARK f1 f2 ...  [/ANTENNA i ][/BASELINE ij] [/RESET]

    Set the antenna or baseline mark words.

    To decide whether data should be used, CLIC uses the logical OR  of  the
    data  flag words with the corresponding mark words.  Thus data from some
    subbands may be [temporarily] ignored even if unflagged.  Flags  may  be
    relative   to   antennas   or  baselines.  /ANTENNA or /BASELINE must be
    given, with antenna numbers or baseline  names  as  arguments.   Several
    antennas and baselines may be given simultaneously.  Use /ANTENNA ALL or
    /BASELINE ALL for all antennas or all baselines.

    Flag names f1 f2 ...  are  alphanumeric  codes.   Valid  codes  are sub-
    band   names  (C01  to C136, L01 to L136), DATA, POINTING, SHADOW, TSYS,

    Use option /RESET to reset flags that were accidentally set in  the mark

    MARK with no arguments (just options)  will  list  the  MARK  words cur-
    rently in use. See also STORE FLAG /MEMORY if you want to flag a  subset
    of scans in memory.

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