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        CLIC\MASK f1 f2 ...  [/ANTENNA i1 [...]] [/BASELINE  b1 [...]]
        [/RESET] [/ALL] [/SPECTRAL]

    This  command  causes some flags to be ignored by setting the antenna or
    baseline "mask" words. Data flagged will normally not  be  processed  by
    calibration  commands.  However flags set in the corresponding mask word
    will be ignored, causing data to be processed anyway. Flags may be rela-
    tive  to antennas or baselines. One of the options /ANTENNA or /BASELINE
    must therefore be given, with antenna numbers or baseline names as argu-

    Supported flag names are:

    - C001 to C136 for bad individual continuum correlator subbands
    - L001 to L136 for bad individual spectral correlator subbands
    - DATA for bad data
    - TSYS for too high system temperature (antenna based only)
    - LOCK for out of lock local oscillator (antenna based only)
    - POINTING for poor pointing (antenna based only)
    - SHADOW for antenna being shadowed by another antenna (ant. based only)
    - SATURATION for too high total power on a particular antenna
    - TIME for time discontinuity
    - DOPPLER for doppler discontinuity
    - REDU for data reduction

    Option /ALL will mask all flags.

    Option  /SPECTRAL  will mask the spectral flag (C001 to C136 and L001 to

    Use option /RESET to remove flags from the mask works.

    MASK with no arguments will list the mask words currently in use.

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