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        CLIC\NEW_DATA [time] [tries]

    Waits until new data has been written to the input file,  then  makes  a
    new  index  from all new data. The type of observation can be changed by
    this command, but the index will contain only observations of one  type.
    Selection criteria defined by command SET are ignored.

    This  command  can be used to make a quick look or analysis of data pro-
    duced by a real time acquisition system (Plateau de Bure).  Caution: on-
    ly  two  programs  should  access the input file simultaneously, one for
    writing the other for reading.

    The first argument is the time interval between two consecutive  inspec-
    tions  of the file index; the second is the allowed number of unsuccess-
    ful attempts to find new data in the file. The defaults are  10  seconds
    and 12 tries (two-minute timeout).

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