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        CLIC\MODIFY Item [Values...]

    This  is  a  command to change some parameters relevant to data acquisi-
    tion, such as baseline values, time, position of  phase  center,  delay,
    etc.  MODIFY applies to the current index. An output file must be opened
    (it may be equal to the input file).

    Note the special behaviour of MODIFY HEADER,  MODIFY  DATA,  and  MODIFY
    RECORD,  which  execute an external script to modify the data and/or the
    header, hence giving to the user a large  flexibility  in  the  possible

    The  MODIFY command is to be used with great caution, as it can directly
    affect the data. There's no telling what can happen if this  command  is
    wrongly used. So please consult an expert before any action.


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