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        CLIC\SET SPIDX name value [frequency] [date] [/RESET]

    Enters `value' as the spectral index of source `name'.

    The flux of one or several reference sources must be given to CLIC as an
    input to command SOLVE SPIDX (which derives the antenna efficiencies and
    the  spectral indexes of the other objects).  If the spectral index of a
    source is entered by SET SPIDX, this source will be a reference  source.
    After  "SET  SPIDX name *", source `name' will not be a reference source
    any more. Its spectral index may then be re-determined by  a  subsequent
    SOLVE SPIDX command.

    Use command SHOW SPIDX to list the spectral indexes known to the current
    CLIC session. The reference sources are listed with  a  "FIXED"  keyword
    (their  spectral  index  is  fixed),  while the flux determined by SOLVE
    SPIDX are listed as "FREE".

    One may optionally enter a frequency (in GHz) and a date  (jj-mmm-yyyy).
    The  frequencies  and  dates are checked in that case by SOLVE SPIDX and
    STORE SPIDX. Matching is within 1 GHz for frequencies  and  1  week  for

    If  /RESET  is given, all entries with the given source name are deleted
    from the flux list. SET SPIDX ALL /RESET will empty the  spectral  index

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