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        CLIC\SET FORMAT Keyword [ON] [OFF]

    Set the format of the header information listed with the LIST /LONG com-
    mand. Each keyword indicate whether certain informations are to be writ-
    ten  (ON) or not (OFF). If all Keyword are ON, then the same list of in-
    formation as with the command HEADER is obtained.

        General information line  (always written)
             Observation number
             Scan number
             Project Id
             Source name
             Source type
             Procedure name
             Interferometer configuration
             Date of observation
             UT of observation
             Hour angle

         Position information line  (keyword POSITION)
             RA or L : right ascension or longitude (or azimuth)
             DEC or B : declination or latitude (or elevation)
             Epoch if equatorial coordinates are used
             Offsets in current units
             Type of coordinate (Eq, Ga, Ho)
             Flux of the source

         Quality information line (keyword QUALITY)
             Quality code
             Receiver number
             Number of dump

         Spectral line information line (keyword STATUS)
             Line name
             Rest frequency
             Doppler correction
             Source velocity
             Quarter [for new receivers only]
             Polarization [for new receivers only]
             Narrow-band correlator input [for new receivers only]

         Correlator information, for each subband (keyword SPECTRAL)
             Logical name
             Width (MHz)
             Central IF (MHz)
             Physical unit

         Interferometer status, for each antenna (keyword INTERFERO)
             Antenna number

         Pointing & Focus correction, for each antenna (keywrod POINTING)
             Azimuth correction
             Elevation correction
             Focus correction

         Calibration information, for each antenna (keyword CALIBRATION)
             Receiver temperature (K)
             Image rejection (dB)
             Water (mm)
             System temperature (Tsys)

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