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        CLIC\SOLVE DELAY [/SEARCH range interval] [/PLOT] [/PRINT]

    This uses a linear method to determine delays.  The baselines to be  de-
    termined  must  have  been selected by the SET BASELINE (or SET ANTENNA)
    command, and the data plotted; plot axes must have been  previously  se-
    lected by :SET X I_FREQUENCY and SET Y PHASE.

    The /SEARCH  option  enables  an  automatic  search  with  starting off-
    sets  from -range/2 to +range/2 by steps of given interval.  The default
    range is 200 nanoseconds, with interval of 1 nanosecond.

    With SET ANTENNA in action the antenna delays are directly fitted to the
    antenna phases, ensuring delay closure.

    The results are given in nanoseconds. Use option /PRINT or command PRINT
    DELAY  to  create a procedure file (INTER_OBS:clic-delay.obs) containing
    the fitted antenna delays.  This procedure file may be executed  by  the
    observing program OBS on the control computer bure01.

    With option /PLOT, the fitted phases will be plotted over the data.  One
    needs to select an IF or a baseband beforehand (set SET IF or SET BB).

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