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    [/ANTENNA a1 ...] [/FRACTION fraction]

    Store  in the header of each scan (of the current index) the information
    whether the atmospheric phase correction is or not declared  valid,  and
    should  be  actually  applied when SET PHASE ATM is selected. This is an
    antenna-based flag.

      - GOOD: the atmospheric phase correction is to be used.

      - BAD: the atmospheric phase correction is not to be used.

      - AUTO [tmin]: that information is determined on the phase calibrators
        (type  PHASE),  by  comparing  the scan-averaged amplitudes with and
        without the correction. This information is then propagated  to  the
        neighbouring source observations (type OBJECT), in a +- tmin minutes
        time window.  `tmin' defaults to 15 minutes.

      - SELF: that information is determined on  the  source,  whatever  its
        type may be, by comparing its amplitude with and without the correc-
        tion. This will produce random result if the source has no continuum

      -  STORE  CORRECTION  /RECEIVER  irec: the validity  of the correction
        from Receiver 'irec' is used (useful to transfer the correction  va-
        lidity from one frequency to the other).

    With  option /ANTENNA a1 a2 ..., only the specified antennas are consid-
    ered. The correction validity for other antennas is not modified.

    With option /FRACTION fraction, fraction of amplitude will  replace  the
    noise in estimating if uncorrected is better than corrected.

Gildas manager 2022-01-17