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                             CLIC\ Command Language Summary

                 Continuum and Line Interferometric Calibration

    ATMOSPHERE      : Perform atmospheric calibration.
    BLANK           : Blank some spectral channels
    COMPRESS        : Compress data.
    COPY            : Copy data.
    CURSOR          : Call the interactive graphic cursor.
    DROP            : Take a scan out of the current index.
    DUMP            : List some informations on the R spectrum.
    FILE            : Define the input/output files.
    FIND            : Search the input file for observations.
    FITS            : Write out spectra in FITS format (e.g. for CLASS).
    FLAG            : Flag data.
    GET             : Read a scan in the input file.
    HEADER          : Display some header information.
    IGNORE          : Ignore scans from the input file.
    LIST            : List header information about an ensemble of scans.
    MARK            : Force data to be treated as if flagged.
    MASK            : Cause some flags to be ignored.
    MINMAX          : compute extremal amplitudes in data
    MODIFY          : Edit and change the scan header (and data).
    MONITOR         : Process data for total power phase correction parameters.
    NEW_DATA        : Wait until new data present in input file.
    PLOT            : Plot data according to display options.
    PRINT           : Produces an output text file (PRINT BASELINE).
    RESIDUALS       : Plot residuals from last SOLVE operation.
    SET             : Enter a value for a parameter.
    SG_TABLE        : Create a UV data Table for mapping purposes.
    SHOW            : Show current value for a parameter.
    SOLVE           : Solve for calibration functions.
    STORE           : Store calibration functions.
    TABLE           : Create a UV data Table for mapping purposes.
    TAG             : Change the quality of scans in the output file.
    VARIABLES       : Enable/disable CLIC variables
    WVR             : Process data for WVR phase correction parameters.

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