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    Recompute  the  atmospheric (transparency) calibration from the data and
    the informations provided by the SET ATMOSPHERE command.  All  scans  in
    the current index are processed:

      -  Atmospheric  calibration scans (CALI): compute calibration tempera-
        ture Tcal, using either the total power DETECTORs or  the  continuum
        CORRELATOR to measure the atmospheric emission. Default is DETECTOR.
        The data on the atmospheric monitor (the 1.3 mm) receiver will  also
        be  used to compute the phase correction factors (see also the MONI-
        TOR command).

      - Apply the new model to the subsequent observations  and  write  (up-
        date)  the recalibrated data if option /NOWRITE is not present. This
        is done until a new calibration is found.

    [/COMPRESS] Obsolete option.

    [/RESET] ALL|AUTO|CAL Reset integrations time associated to ALL  phases,
    SKY phase, or HOT/COLD cal phases.

    [/NOWRITE] Do not update data on disk.

    [/NOMONITOR] Do not compute and update monitoring section.

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