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        [GREG2\]PLOT  [Varname]  [/SCALING Type Low_cut High_cut] [/BLANKING
    Bval Eval] [/POSITION  Posx1  Posx2  Posy1  Posy2]  [/BOUNDARIES  Userx1
    Userx2 Usery1 Usery2] [/VISIBLE]

    PLOT  will  put a pixel image (pixels contained in the variable Varname)
    inside the current BOX. Varname is a 2-D SIC variable name that defaults
    to  the  RG  variable if omitted. Subsets like A[4] where A is a 3-D sic
    variable are not yet allowed. How to create and handle  images  in  pro-
    grams  calling  the GREG2\ language (including GREG) is described in the
    subtopic IMAGE_HOWTO.

    This command is normally used in the following sequence:

    Greg> SET BOX LOCATION Gx1 Gx2 Gy1 Gy2  ! Define box position
    Greg> RGDATA Varname /VARIABLE          ! Put image in the RG variable,
                                            ! read associated header variables
    Greg> LIMITS /RGDATA                    ! Computes associated limits
    Greg> PLOT                              ! Plot the array in the box
    Greg> BOX                               ! Draws the box


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