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        PLOT [3D_Var] [/SCALING LIN|LOG|EQU [Rlcut Rhcut Glcut  Ghcut  Blcut
        PLOT [3D_Var] [/SCALING LUPTON [Beta]]

    THIS  FEATURE IS CURRENTLY EXPERIMENTAL. Calling sequence, option names,
    and behavior are subject to changes in the future.

    If the RG buffer (or the named variable, if any) is a  3D  cube  with  3
    planes,  the command will plot it as a RGB image (R for 1st plane, G for
    2nd plane, B for 3rd plane).

    The extrema are always (re)evaluated for each plane  individually.  That
    is,  global  cube  extrema  and RG%MIN and RG%MAX (if available) are ig-

    The default is to display the whole extrema ranges with linear  scaling.
    This can be overridden with the option /SCALING, giving a custom scaling
    and cuts for each plane. Lupton scaling (combining each planes in a non-
    independent way) is available; Beta factor defaults to 3 but can be cus-

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