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        [GREG2\]RGMAP  [Quiet|Fast|chunksize]  [/PERCENT  P1] [/ABSOLUTE A1]
    [/BLANKING Bval Eval] [/GREY COLOUR N] [/KEEP File_Name [Blank]]  [/PENS

    Draws (or fills) isocontours of the Regular Grid array. The RG is an in-
    ternal 2D "map" created/loaded by various commands (RGDATA,  RANDOM_MAP,
    RESAMPLE,  IMAGE),  or loaded by a calling program. The levels are those
    specified by command LEVELS, but may be affected by a scaling factor  by
    option /PERCENT or /ABSOLUTE.

    This command is normally used in the following sequence:
    Greg> SET BOX LOCATION Gx1 Gx2 Gy1 Gy2  ! Define box position
    Greg> RGDATA (options...)               ! Put image in the RG variable,
                                            ! read associated header variables
    Greg> LIMITS /RGDATA                    ! Computes associated limits
    Greg> PLOT                              ! Plot the array in the box
    Greg> BOX                               ! Draws the box
    Greg> LEVELS 0.1 to 0.9 by 0.1          ! define contour levels
    Greg> RGMAP /PERCENT 1                  ! Draw contour levels  (in this
                                            ! case, as percentage of peak)

    The  "Quiet"  mode  does contouring silently. For "Fast" and "chunksize"
    modifiers, see subtopic MEMORY_OPTIONS.


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