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        The program normally allocates less that 1/5 of the total number  of
    pixels in the map to store the contour segments, and warns the user when
    that limit is reached. Besides, contouring may be slow  on  large  maps.
    The  modifier  "Fast" cuts the map in smaller "chunks" and performs con-
    touring on those submaps, without the 1/5 above limitation.

    The Contour-filling mode (/GREY) can consume (temporary) a large  amount
    of  memory,  so  is  always performed on subsets of the image ("chunks")
    when the image size is greater than a system-dependent limit (256*256 on
    UNIX systems). When the contours are too involved, an internal limit can
    nevertheless be reached. One can then retry the contour-filling by spec-
    ifying a smaller "Chunksize" (in pixels). For example, to force contour-
    filling on subsets  of  64  "lines"  of  a  512x512  pixel  image,  type
    RGMAP 64*512 /GREY

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